Official Time Keeper: Soleus

We are pleased to welcome Soleus Watch as the official time and pace keeper for Ops Kingfisher 2012.  Kingfisher training crew and participants will be using the wide range of Soleus watches to not only keep and capture real and interval timings, but also use enhanced features like Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) for our FlightZONES training as well as GPS function for route and pace feedback.  Of course, the colorful range of this USA-based brand and attractive prices help to make that decision for getting a reliable timing measurement device a lot easier.

Soleus watches are named after a powerful muscle in the calf of a runner’s leg, which is used for standing, walking, and running, of course. Manufactured by Soleus Running, Soleus watches are designed specifically for the needs of runners, based on substantial research and runners’ surveys in the USA, featuring technology that is intuitive and essential to the serious runner. Key features of Soleus watches big digits, interval timers, lightweight materials and easy-to-use lap memory, interval timers and adaptable displays. Fast, slow, road, trail, uphill, downhill, forwards or backwards, whenever, Soleus will change the way you read your run. For more information on Soleus watches, please visit or at facebook