Week #4: Ramping Up On Speed and Endurance

Week #4 had the Kingfishers back to the Serangoon track for a progressive session of speedwork and interval training midweek.

A warm up jog was followed by a set of drills to get the engines ready for the main action of the evening.

The signature Kingfisher Mile Trial was the appetizer.  4 laps of the 400m track later, the Kingfishers paced themselves much better for a more even split time and good finish.  Looked like they were ready for the main course of the evening.

Part A of the main menu was served with sets of 800m at target paces for respective groups, with rest intervals depending on the training groups.  The Kingfshers tracked steadily and mostly recovered well after just 1-1.5min of completing the 800m sets.

Part B, comprising of 800m with floats (400m recovery jogs) was served at 8:00pm.  The Kingfishers did not show any signs of fatigue, and nobody was bargaining for lesser.  They could be quietly conserving their energy just in case there was a Part C and D to the main course.

The training crew was happy to see that the Kingfishers ran very strongly in all 6 sets of 800m, and that was in addition to the mile trial at 90% effort conducted earlier.

The track session ended with a good stretch down conducted by the trainers and we were out of the stadium by 8:45pm, just when the horn sounded.

Track Session Photos By FatBird Onin

It was start of Pace Training on Sunday with an 18km Marathon Pace run along ECP.  With a number of trainers and trainees at the KL Marathon and Performance Series Run, the smaller group of runners started off from Parkland Green at race pace.

The training objective was to see how long the Kingfishers can sustain their targeted race pace for as much of the 18km.

The first half of the distance was ran well, with the fatigue from Wednesday's track session taking a toll on some of the trainees.

Still, the distance was covered well within targeted pace for most of the Kingfishers, building up to peak readiness in 3 weeks before tapering for race day at end August.

The Kingfishers Have Ramped Up Their Speed Endurance Levels

Long Steady Run Photos By FatBird Rand