Back To The Trails For Tempos

The third weekend of Kingfisher training had us visiting the MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) trails again, this time for a 16km tempo run through undulating trails and road sections of the reservoir fringes.  With a sound base after 2 weeks of foundation training, the Kingfishers were more prepared as they tackled the challenging terrain with the target training pace prescribed for the morning.

Photo Slideshow (c) CK Chin

A very useful feedback session followed the 17km tempo run over challenging terrain, with Kingfishers able to sustain the specified target paces, due in part to the foundation built up over the past few weeks, helped along by guidance and tips provided by the training crew.  The Kingfishers training crew and trainees also put to effective use their newly acquired Soleus GPS watches to keep pace and track the distances  

There were a few important lessons learnt, chiefly not starting out too hard and maintaining a sustainable target pace as much as possible.  The other key takeaway for many of the trainees was the importance of having a reliable hydration plan and having proper replacements of water and electrolytes to provide the engines with smooth strokes for optimal performance.


Happy Kingfishers who had achieved the required attendance criteria collected their bright yellow Brooks Kingfisher running singlet along with sampling of electrolyte drinks so kindly sponsored by Shotz, our nutrition sponsor.

With the first half of base building and strength conditioning completed, Kingfishers will embark on the second half of the program with anticipation as we will be doing pace training on more gradual terrain, using the new found strength and speed attained thus far.

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