Session #06-01: The Final Track

In the final track session of the entire Operation Kingfisher program, we posted the workout menu about 2 hours before session commencement just to give the participants some time to plan and prepare.  Not sure if it was the 'hard-to-swallow' menu or due to the busy schedules of the runners, the turnout was smaller than usual.

Still, the show went on with a good warm-up routine at 6:45pm.  By now, the respective groups already knew how to to approach and 'consume' their track menu in a methodical way, such that there was almost no loss of time at all.

Under the charge and guidance of the Kingfisher trainers, the routines went like clockwork; appetizer of a mile time trial was carried out without fuss, followed time recording and a quick rest before the Main Course was served.

Part I of the Main Course (800m sets with short rest intervals) was executed smoothly by the Kingfishers, and at the end of the segment, the participants were still looking strong and motivated.  Part II (800m sets with floats) was then served, and to the surprise of many, it was completed without any problems nor drop in pace at all.

The flock was very happy with their performances at the track this evening, although a few trainees have had to moderate their intensities and volume due to niggles and feelings of muscle-tightness - it was the body giving off warning signals, and time for the 'foam-roller' and sports massage to knead off those kinks and knots.

The warm up and cool down jogs aside, the majority of the team achieved 9 sets of 800m at SpeedyBird effort, providing good feedback of their ample readiness to achieve goal times at the AHM.  The mood was high, and with some time to spare, we had a short round of sharing before rounding the night on a high note.

A few groups went on their way for dinner, and post-run beer with celebrations and bonding that went late into the night were indications of the level of 'highs' induced probably by the endorphine levels from track.  Still, it was all in good fun and spirit, paving the way for a relaxing weekend before final preparations for the main race next weekend.

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