The Pack got Whacked @ the Track

Engines were revved and gears shifted up a notch at the second track session, a workout so beloved by the Kingfishers that many make special arrangements just to be early and not to miss out any portion of the always exciting menu.

In a bid to maximize the limited training time as well as moderate the large group of runners we have, the trainees were split into two sections with each consuming their 'meals' under the watchful eyes of their respective trainers and timers.

The appetizer of the standard mile time trial was consumed smoothly after the pre-meal warm up and some dynamic drills were delivered.  The 2 sections recorded their mostly-improved timings to registration before getting a quick briefing on the Main menu of the night.

Although the instructions were short and clean, there was no doubt the Kingfishers' plates were full and they would have to have stomachs of 'steel' to be able to sustain without anyone fainting or puking in the end - excellent work by all the participants.

Part 1 of the main meal was served in the form of 800s at respective target paces with a 'rest interval' in between sets.  All three groups did very well to maintain their effort and paces to complete in good form, albeit feeling the effects of the high cardio workout and lactic acid buildup in the legs.

After a 4-5min break, Part 2 of the main menu was served with 'recovery floats' in between sets, taking the effort required and fatigue levels to newer highs.  It was at this portion that some might have seen 'lights' and 'stars' if pushed to the limits.  With their foundation training and understanding of track pacing, the Kingfishers did well to complete this segment without too much hassle.  

It was a hard but extremely satisfying workout for all.  With smiling faces and still breathing heavily, the Kingfishers were expressing how much they have enjoyed the menu variation and how glad they were to have gone through what was considered a challenging workout even for very good runners.  

The execution timing was spot on, leaving us with ample time for some nice group photos, a mini debrief and catching up on arrangements for the coming holiday weekend of more runs, training and races.  

Kingfisher track sessions always leave us with a love-hate feeling - fear and hate before we step on the track, and love after we have completed the workout menu, drenched with perspiration from head-toe with the feeling of having lost a few pounds after all that hard pushing :)

See you @ the next TRACK, the Kingfishers will be BACK!

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