Ops Kingfisher 2014 Kick Off

It was a smooth kickoff session for the Ops Kingfisher participants at the Playground @ Big Splash, ECP.   A good mix of returning FatBirds as well as a number trainees new to FatBird training were assembled in nice weather conditions.

Ops Kingfisher is one of our special programs just catering to the shorter half and quarter marathon distances, with emphasis on building strength and speed and a dose of sustained pacing for good results at the yearly Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon.  

After a quick overview of the training program and specifics, we got down to the appetizer of a dynamic warm-up with running-specific activation drills - this set the tone for the main menu of a 13km Marathon Pace (MP) run in various timing groups of 1:45h, 2:00h, 2:15h and 2:30h.

With a good break after Sundown Marathon, a number of runners were seen to have loaded on some, while a few have not been doing much serious running.  Although the initial paces were a little of a strain, especially with the sun rearing its head, many of the Kingfishers guided by experienced trainers/pacers were able to maintain target paces throughout the run.

There were lots of sharing and learning among the various pace groups on topics ranging from sufficient hydration and fueling up, to being able to keep to pacing and maintaining good running form.

All the pace groups finished the morning's workout on time and intact, showing the reasonable foundation these Kingfisher trainees come with (as there were some base requirements in terms of fitness and distance coverage on registration), translating into good performance potential for the AHM.

The Kingfishers gathered by the shady  grass patch for a good static cool-down followed by a short debrief and instructions for the following week's training.  The session ended by 9:30am, leaving a good chunk of time for the rest of the day to relax and recover from the workout.

The Kingfishers will embark on track (speedwork) and hills (strength) in the coming weeks, and we look forward to progressively building up their strength and enhancing their speed endurance, leading to improved running times.  

Runners who wish to sign up for the remaining packaged training slots may check schedules and register at the Ops Kingfisher website (www.OpKingfisher.com).

Running The Bay?  Let FatBirds Show You The Way!

Photos by FatBird Meng Kiat