The Hills Charge

In the second hills workout in less than a week, the Kingfishers spared no effort in putting in their best to maximize the training session.

The appetizer came in the form of a 3km run in the reverse direction to Morse Road and then up to the start point of the hill repeats, at the mid-section of Mt. Faber.  While waiting for all to arrive, we snacked on some drills to keep the system warm for the main dish to be served.

The Kingfishers were given 50 min to tuck in a delightful hills meal which went down very well with most of the trainees.  They were definitely much stronger than when they first started 2 weeks ago , with higher thresholds for 'pain'; and there were nary a walker (if even to take a breather up the steepest part of the hill).

As if it wasn't exciting enough, the Kingfishers did a couple of push-ups in between sets just to get that little bit of upper body and core activation.

From the satisfied faces at the end of the 'hard' routine, we could tell that all have enjoyed the meal, relishing (if not loving) the challenges the hills offered.  With time for a group photo, we settled into our dessert of a 2km slower-paced run back to ClubHouse along rolling hills.

What A Hilly Night...and We All Loved It!