Weekend #2: Rolling Hills Tempo

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It was a weekend tempo of Labrador Hills for the Kingfishers, who by now have already gotten a good feel of the rigours of the PowerFLIGHT training regime, and pleasantly surprised they are enjoying the weekly challenges meted out.

It was a straight through run with very little stoppages (where possible) at target race pace for 13km.  Although not quite the full distance, the intensity and tempo of the hills run more then made up for the slightly shorter mileage we did.  Importantly most trainees came away challenged, strong and still feeling that they had the reserves to go on for another few km at sustained effort if required.

One of the enjoyable things about Half Marathon training is the relatively shorter time spent on the feet, but yet getting speed and strength honed with specificity of training at higher intensities to boot.  Most of the Kingfishers were able to execute the sessions in good form to date, and as we progress into week 3, they can only get stronger and more steady.

The post run debrief was always a good opportunity for the participants to field questions on training methodology, equipment, shoes, injury prevention and a host of other training-related issues.  We had some good exchanges on the topic of conditioning, injury prevention, speed enhancement, including choosing the right shoe types as well as recommendations for Heart Rate Monitors (HRM) and GPS-enabled timers.

With 2 weeks and 4 sessions completed, the 80 Kingfisher participants progress into week 3 with renewed confidence and a stronger base to build upon - we look forward to doing more of what worked well so far, and are also anticipating our first trail tempo in week #3.

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