Weekend #1: Stepping Up The Tempo

The weekend Tempo sessions were warmly welcomed by all Kingfishers who have had their first taste of Kingfisher training on Wednesday up the hills of Mt. Faber.  The turnout was reasonably good, considering that a number of runners were participating in the Race Against Cancer (RAC) in the same vicinity.

With barely 6 weeks to race day, the Kingfishers were tested on their ability to sustain target marathon pace for 13km.  Most came back strong in spite of having to share the narrow pathways with the larger crowd of RAC participants along most of ECP.  

The newer runners had a good experience of pushing a little harder from the target paces set by the reliable and motivating Kingfisher trainers and guides.

As with all FatBird training, there were always opportunities for nice photos and encouragement from fellow trainees and trainers to bring those seemingly daunting workouts to manageable levels, and even an enjoyment for many who like the special training atmosphere and effects that group training brings.

The Kingfishers will progress into Week #2 with speed workouts at the track, and strength building in the hilly slopes of the Western region.  There's much to look forward to, and for those who wish to join in the Kingfisher program, you may still do so at the Kingfisher Registration site.

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