Kingfishers' Time Trial

After weeks of training up, the Kingfishers were set to put to test all of 21km at Optimal Pace.  The cloudy skies and relative cool weather presented nice conditions for running, although not quite the pre-dawn hour of 5am which will be the actual race start timing.

After the pre-run routines of warming up and muscle activation, the Kingfishers set off with one objective in mind - to sustain Optimal Pace for as long as possible, best till the full 21.1km.

The paces were kept steady, and with the trainers and pacers showing the way, the Kingfishers ran a good 12km to the NSRCC where a short technical halt was called.  The runners looked strong as they covered km by km with clockwork precision, making adjustments to get back in pace whenever minor disruptions or 'run-arounds' had to be managed.

With the lower glycogen stores, some Kingfishers popped in a Powergel to keep their sustained paces all the way to the finish.  The cool weather and group pacing helped to keep the runners' spirits high as they advanced ever closer to the end point back at The Playground @ Big Splash.

Most of the mid-pack runners felt a need to stave off the pace from the 15-17km marks, either due to the 'fuel tanks' running low or 'electrolyte hunger pangs' creeping in to cause slowing legs and rising heart rates.  With the encouragement of the trainers, pacers and fellow trainees, the Kingfishers were mostly able to drop paces slightly to catch a second wind for a good finish timing at the end.  

The completion of the 21km in good form was a great assurance to the Kingfishers that they are ready for race day.  With the remaining 2 weeks of preparation, the objective would be to maintain intensity while reducing volume of training in order to achieve peak performance status by month end.

Confidence levels went 1-2 notches up as the Kingfisher trainees knew they had run a good HM paced time trial.  All that remains now is for the trainees to remain injury free and gear up the positive mental states required for a good AHM.

The Kingfishers Passed The Trials With Flying Colours!