Track Mania

With less than 10 days to D-Day, The Kingfishers put in their final track session to get  a necessary speed endurance check.  Although it is close to race day and the runners are peaking well, we are still doing maximum volume with retained intensity to ensure that the runners have 'speedy' legs to work with in the next few weeks.

After the dynamic drills and mile run done, the main course of 4 x 4 was served.  The respective pace groups under the guidance of their trainers and timekeepers went through the 2 sets of 4 x 800m repetitions like clockwork, moving on/off track with smooth exchanges and active rests for the first set, and advancing to 'floats' in between repetitions for the second set.

All in, 8-10 sets of 800s were completed with good sustainable paces by the Kingfishers, who were pleased with their ability to sustain competitive paces with very short or no rest intervals. 

With the firm speed base established, the Kingfishers will put in a final long run this weekend to establish Optimal Pace for 80% of race distance before doing a mini taper for the AHM on Aug 31.

In the remaining 10min before the stadium lights went off, we were able to put in a good round of static stretches to ease those 'tightness' and provide a reconditioned state for the coming weekend's training run.

The Kingfishers Are Speed Enabled!

Facebook photos by FatBird MK