The Finale Tempo

To maintain peak form for this Sunday's Army Half Marathon (AHM), this evening's finale session of Ops Kingfisher was mapped to a tempo paced run of 10km, with the final 1-2km going back to HM pace.

The turnout was quite good as a few had come by to pick up their Kingfisher race singlets as well as to enjoy the touted scenic route we would be doing.

After the routine dynamic activation, the respective groups took off at the prescribed pace of HM Pace less 30s for 10km along pretty flat terrain.  The 3km stretch of Depot and Alexandra Rds were ran well, bringing up the heart rates to TempoBird range.

After crossing over to Labrador/Berlayer Creek, the beautiful stretch of boardwalk led us into the serene and lighted Keppel Marina.  There were not too many runners this evening, giving our Kingfishers clear access to maintain their prescribed paces without too much trouble.

The stretch around mini Keppel Island perked up our senses with the pretty yachts and boats against the silvery light of the moon.  The cool breeze provided us more energy to maintain the rather hard pace, and all of us made it back to Berlayer Creek for our technical water break.

By the time we headed out of Labrador Park and at the junction of Telok Blangah Road/Henderson Road, we had covered 10km of sustained tempo pace - a real achievement for most of the Kingfishers as they rarely run these type of workouts on their own.  Moreover, it provided a good indicator of the high readiness levels of the Kingfishers, which will see us through this Sunday morning.

The remaining 1.5km up Henderson Road were executed at HM pace to recover as well as to pare down the effort and intensity so as not to over-stress the legs.  Back at the Clubhouse, a good 10min cool down stretch served to ease any tension and tightness before calling a close to Ops Kingfisher by 9:00pm.

Team FatBird would like to congratulate all Kingfishers for sticking it out and completing the intensive 6-week (12 group training sessions) training program with commitment, perseverance and good work ethics.  We are confident of a good race by all Kingfishers, and would like to wish all participants a tip-top outing at the AHM this Sunday.

Watch For The Kingfishers At The Bay!

Photos by FatBird MK