Finale Long Paced Run

With just a week to race day, the Kingfishers got together for one final long run at Optimal Pace to tune up for the Half Marathon race on Aug 31.  

The Kingfishers were early to collect their Kingfisher finisher singlets which signified their qualification of reasonable attendance at the full training program.  This year's colours were a mixed range, which suited most of the runners to a tee, and together we appeared as a kaleidoscope of running colours :D

The respective groups carried out their pre-run routine of dynamic warm up and drills, before a quick brief of the AHM route was given to highlight certain potential 'choke' points and 'slow-down' areas at U-turns.

Most of the groups went for a paced 15km optimal paced run to test out all their systems as well as level of sustainability of pace for their respective target completion timings.  The rather cool weather made for easier running as the first half of the journey was covered in a lightly quicker pace.

After a short technical halt at the Sailing Centre, the Kingfishers kept up with their paces mostly, all the way to the end point.  ECP was indeed busy with many other runners, including a large walking group led by ESM Goh Chok Tong.  

We were able to weave through the thick crowd and kept with our optimal paces all the way back to The Playground.  A few runners reported niggles as well as some who were glycogen-depleted quite early due to inadequate pre-run fuel up.  

All these minor injuries and pre-race routines would need to be resolved and fine-tuned over the remaining few days - still in time for race day without too much of an issue.  The Kingfishers will be going into next week's race with good confidence of easy completion, with PBs and better race timings a real possibility if all systems go smoothly.

The Kingfishers Are Race Ready!

Facebook Photos from FatBird Nicholas