TrackSanity - Back At The Track

After a fortnight of hills, slopes and trails, the Kingfishers were back at the track for what some might term as Track Insanity - insanely sufferable speed and strength workouts enjoyed as a flock!

For starters, the dynamic warm up and activation drills helped the Kingfishers break more than a sweat and got their engines revving at gear 1 - just nice for a mile time trial at lactate threshold effort.  The runners literally lapped them up with gusto, and with their recorded timings, took reference from the Kingfisher interval pace charts for their effort in the main course.

A 3 x 3 main course was dished out to the Kingfishers who seemed to get stronger as the sets and repetitions wore on...with the shorter the rest intervals, they looked none the slower nor weaker.  Instead, many of them had improved form and running economy with pretty fluid strides and a reasonable sense of pace and effort.

The Kingfishers Trainers & Timers did a sterling job of keeping the trainees' workouts and rest intervals in check, often times taking turns to provide sustained pacing for the respective groupings.  The Stadium was a hive of activity with many runners on the track, each with a sense of purpose and targeted goals to achieve for the night.

Because there was no action on the field, the Stadium sounded the horns at 8:15pm to signal the closing of the gates soon.  Thanks to the precision of our Kingfishers completion of the menu, without taking much time to rest, we were able to complete our key activities by then.  We even had time left over for some introductory core work conducted by the Kingfisher trainers, just about expending the last bits of energy from the trainees.

The satisfaction and feeling of having given their all at training was shown in the smiling faces of the Kingfishers.  There were still lots of excitement and chatter among the team as the Stadium lights went off.  

The discussions proceeded outside the Stadium grounds, and even as we were sharing those memorable track moments, we could hear the loud grinding sounds of the large metal gates closing and the friendly gate keeper giving us a feeble smile and wondering why we still did not leave the place...Ahh, that is the mesmerizing effect a good round of track work has on runners.

The Kingfishers Had An Insanely Satisfying Crack At The Track!

Photos from MK's handphone