Week #4: Optimal Pacing At The Fore

After 3.5 weeks of base building with hill runs & repeats, speed work and interval training at the track, tempo runs and cruise intervals at various locations, the Kingfishers welcomed the flattish ECP this weekend as we embarked on Pace Training!

As we were to roar off to sustain Optimal Pace for our 18km long run, a nice warm up jog followed by some activation drills set the stage for the runners to test themselves to see how far they can sustain the target pace set.

The respective groups set off, led by their dependable Kingfisher Pacers towards Fort Road.  The first 10km was well run, and especially enjoyable in the rather cool and windy morning (by Singapore's standards).  Gels were taken from the 11-13km marks by some trainees to replenish glycogen stores to help with sustaining the final bit of the journey.

A quick 1-2min break was given at the Sailing Centre to allow for regrouping as well as opportunity for a quick recovery before pushing Optimal Pace for the remaining 7km.  The Kingfishers did very well to keep up till about the 14-16km marks where the pace was getting a bit rough on the unconditioned bodies.  Still, all we needed was a slight pullback for recovery before continuing on to finish strongly at the finish.

The trainees were pleased with their training runs this morning as it was the highest intensity sustained distance they had done in a long time, and for some, it was the first time.  A good round of static stretches conducted by the trainers helped to ease off some of the tightness, and the homework was to do myofascial massage with foam rollers for better release and recovery.

Photos by FatBird MK