Week #3: Base build rocking with rolling hills

After the first 2 weeks of getting up to speed on their foundation, the Kingfishers came to Mt. Faber and Labrador Park for a bout of rolling hills repeats executed at Marathon Pace (MP).

After the rage of pre-dawn showers, the skies cleared by 6:00am bringing in cool winds for a nice atmosphere to do the long run at MP.  This morning was also the celebrations of Singapore's National Day along with her 50th birthday (SG50) - a Golden Jubilee weekend.

Because of the super long holiday weekend, the turnout of the Kingfishers was muted, but still the committed ones appeared, so determined to get the training workout in to strengthen their Marathon base as well as to burn those holiday excesses (FATS) :)

The Sydney Marathon participants also came for their first tune-up run which they blazed through their Half Marathon routine in good form.  

The respective pace groups started off after the briefing and ran a 4km into the depth of Labrador Park, before running the 2.2km Figure-8 hill repeat (3 times for HM, 6 times for FM) maintaining Marathon Pace.

It might be due to the good weather, the Kingfishers were 'killing' the slopes and making no excuses for their good paces through the rather challenging hill workout routine, with only a couple of participants not completing their required 6 loops.

With the main menu sorted out within regulation time, the HM Kingfishers were able to return to the SAFRA Clubhouse early for a good round of stretches conducted by the trainers.  

The FM Kingfishers too finished their required routine with regulation time and headed strongly for another 4km back to Clubhouse, conquering more rolling hills along the way.

Groups 1 and 2 trainees took a quick break at the ClubHouse (23km mark) before proceeding to complete the morning's requirement with a 5km loop round Henderson Rd-Telok Blangah Way in slightly slower pace than MP.

Training completed before 11am, leaving us with some time to wash up and catch up on the morning's training.  Next week, we will be doing hills and trails over 16km and 30km distances in our progression towards the 21km and 35km peak training distances over the next few weekends.

The Kingfishers Are Looking Great!

Photos by FatBird Chin