Strength & Speed Marathon Training - Kick Off

Operation Kingfisher, an intensive 8-week structured half marathon training program got off to a solid start from Labrador Park on Thursday.

The 15-session program will have its focus on strength and speed with combination of hills and track workouts on weekdays and long steady runs and optimal pace workouts on weekends to hone the speed endurance capabilities of the Kingfisher participants.

The first session on Thursday evening had the participants segmented into 1:45h, 2:00h, 2:15h and 2:30h HM pace groupings according to their respective goal race targets.

A basebuild run of 1.5km to the top of Mt. Faber Hills with 1.6km hills repeats was the highlight of the night's workout.  The Kingfishers were impressive in their enthusiasm for the challenging workouts with most completing 3-5 laps within the alloted training time.

Group 3 took a 1.5km run back at HM pace after the main menu, while Groups 1 and 2 went by a longer route of 5.5km of rolling slopes to make it strongly back to start point by 9:30pm.

A good 10min stretch down was conducted by Trainer Jayson to the satisfaction of the Kingfishers who gave their near max effort for the workout.  Their serious attitude to training and tackling all the challenges put to them was impressive to say the least, evident of experienced runners who are willing to do their best to get optimal results.

This was followed by a Long Steady Distance (LSD) this weekend at Parkland Green, ECP.  The 13km distance, although short, was meant to set a faster pace for the Kingfishers to maintain their speed for a longer duration.

All the groups did well to run at a range between 20s faster and their basebuild pace, and did some of them enjoy the cardio rush and enhanced pace challenged by the pacers.  

Although the distance was short relative to what many of the Kingfishers were used to in their longer (but slower) runs training for the full marathon, most of them appreciated this faster-paced session at Half Marathon intensity to reset their muscle memory and tune-up their cardio base for quicker timings for their target 21.1km at end of August.

It was a good kickoff week for Ops Kingfisher overall, with the set targets achieved for both missions.  Runners who are keen to ride these strength and speed workouts can register for this structured marathon training program HERE!

The Kingfishers Are On Speedy Flight!